Make pipeline failures a thing of the past…

with the assistance of Machine Learning and Data Science.

Customer-proven to be easy to deploy and integrate across your organization, with minimal disruption to your daily operations. Start saving money on integrity management today.

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Cognitive Integrity Management™

We’re helping Fortune 500 companies predict potential pipeline failures with the assistance of machine learning. Let us show you how your integrity management program (IMP) can be transformed and optimized using Cognitive Integrity Management™.

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Regulatory Compliance

  • Audit-ready all the time
  • Regulator reviewed
  • Covers time-dependent, mandatory regulatory conditions
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Fully Integrated Enterprise Platform

  • Gain more clarity into asset health across the organization
  • Microsoft cloud secure
  • Plug into shared learning from other operators
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Increase Financial Performance

  • Optimize your integrity spend and de-risk your IMP
  • Utilize industry best practices through peer collaboration
  • Reduce costs through fewer digs
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Performance / Insight Reporting

  • Leverage hundreds of dashboards and reports to access data mandatory for critical engineering
  • Drill down to specific information in real-time to drive business decisions
  • Uncover insights that bring new value to your organization
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Digitally Transforming the Integrity Management Process

Streamline, predict, and analyze – leaving time-consuming, manual pipeline integrity management processes behind. Learn how you can gain visibility into the entire pipeline.

Start your Digital Transformation now:

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Join your peers and start saving money on integrity management today. Talk to one of our experts to learn how you can you extract the greatest value from your data to optimize your integrity spending and de-risk your IMP.

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Inline Inspection tools are one of the technologies used to assess the integrity state of pipelines. Different tools exist, based on physical principles, which can help identify locations where the pipe wall may have flaws that can lead to a critical state. However, due to potential inaccuracies in data collection and reporting tool vendors provide additional …

Risk Modeling & Machine Learning Supercharges Integrity

Many pipeline operators have separate departments for managing integrity data and risk analysis. This detached approach makes it challenging to form a complete picture of pipeline integrity.

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Despite being able to restore operations several days later, these attacks take operators much longer to return their delivery supply chain to normal. …