The OneBridge team has been busy kicking off their Corrosion Management System private preview program with Product Manager – Corrosion Management, Megan Scudder (Pipeline Integrity Engineer). Through the support of our customers, we have completed the first phase of the Corrosion Management System – Internal Corrosion offering.

The first phase of the Corrosion Management System helps operators consolidate data from various field offices, third party labs, and chemical vendors into a centralized database. Further, operators have the ability to view the multiple data sources through set KPIs and determine possible root cause. Having all the data in a centralized location allows operators to also rank and sort their chemical spend per system to delve into cost savings analysis. Finally, operators have access to reporting structure required under CFR 195 staying true to OneBridge’s goal of helping operators remain “audit ready all the time”.

Here is an overview of the initial phase:

Phase I Functionality Operator Benefit
Standardized templates with simple data upload process for monitoring data and chemical program usage Consolidates data from different field offices, third party labs and chemical vendors and upload into a centralize database through a 2-step process
Dashboard for coupon, sampling, and chemical data with visual KPI’s and data integration Integrates multiple data sources to view systems out of KPI and determine potential root cause
Filtering capabilities to show chemical type, usage and total spend by system Ranks and sort highest chemical spend per system to determine over usage and potential cost savings
Reporting that displays internal corrosion data for regulatory audits Basic reporting structure with all data required under CFR 195 to provide to regulators during audits

We are always open to engaging with new operators to ensure we are encompassing functionality that can be used industry-wide. If you are interested in participating in the next phase of the private preview program or learning more about the Corrosion Management System, feel free to reach out to Megan Scudder.