Partners and Memberships

We work with the best in the industry

To effectively kick start digital transformation within your organization, all enterprise platforms must work seamlessly together. By collaborating with industry leaders in technology and integrity engineering, OneBridge ensures you’re getting the best possible solution. Our partners are utilizing Cognitive Integrity Management™ to augment their global engineering services.

The world global leader in technology – With Microsoft Azure, your business or organization has the freedom to build, manage, and deploy applications on a massive, global network using your preferred tools and frameworks.

With more certifications than any other cloud provider, Microsoft Azure is a trusted partner and leader in privacy, compliance, and security. Build your applications and migrate your infrastructure with peace of mind.

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ENTEGRA is the global leader in Ultra-High Resolution (UHR) pipeline inspection technologies. Helping pipeline owners and operators reduce risks and minimize costs, we deliver the shortest and lightest combination In-Line Inspection (ILI) tools on the market. UHR Axial Magnetic Flux Leakage (MFL), UHR Caliper (CAL), Inertial Mapping Units (IMU), and Cathodic Protection Current Mapping (CPCM).

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Worley’s unique approach to safe and sustainable engineering means that they are skilled at developing behaviors and solutions that meet every aspect of our customers’ needs. They provide complete, cost-effective global solutions while addressing the critical engineering challenges faced by our customers in today’s world. Their engineers are also supported by many specialist teams including design safety, geomatics, naval architecture, environmental, pipelines and materials.

Our work processes ensure that risks to all project stakeholders, inclusive of those impacted by the project during operations, maintenance or even decommissioning are identified, mitigated and communicated.

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OneBridge is proud to be a member of AMPP and PODS. By being a part of both organizations, OneBridge is able to stay uptodate on the latest advancements in the materials protection and performance industry as well as the energy industry, allowing us to provide our clients with the most uptodate and reliable data solutions.

The Association for Materials Protection and Performance (AMPP), is a global community of professionals dedicated to materials protection through the advancement of corrosion control and protective coatings. 

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PODS supports the growing and changing needs of the pipeline industry through ongoing development and maintenance of the Data Model and Standards. This is led by the Technical Committee on Governance, responsible for the strategic technical direction of the PODS Association 

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Partner with OneBridge

We are looking for strategic partners that can provide accretive solutions and/or engineering services to ensure we are moving the industry forward. We have mutually beneficial go-to market partnership models in place that provide a win-win for both parties. Get in touch to find out more.