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OneBridge’s Cognitive Integrity Management™

OneBridge’s Cognitive Integrity Management™ (CIM) uses Machine Learning to align and integrate datasets, so integrity teams have the information they need all in one place—analysts can spend less time validating data and more time accomplishing business goals.

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The Virtual Integrity Engineer – Cognitive Integrity Management

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OneBridge and Worley | Predict and prevent your next pipeline failure

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Microsoft Energy Industry Series | Pipeline Integrity with OneBridge

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CIM supports your Integrity Management Program

AI expedites alignment and validates data, consolidating it to eliminate silos and keep integrity information accessible to those who need it.

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Powerful algorithms pull, compare, and crunch datasets, while advanced cloud computing analytics deliver results to your team faster.

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A single platform for integrity teams to access data, manage anomalies, bid work, review measurements, approve results, and track threats.

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A range of standard and customizable reports allow analysts to drill down into details, create summary documents, or generate QC and annual audit reports.

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Driven by customer success

ILI results validated from multiple technologies and vendors

Analysis criteria evolves to improve dig selection accuracy

More and more operators manage their pipelines with CIM

Improvements and updates are available immediately

Get the benefits of our born in the cloud Integrity Management platform

At OneBridge, we believe you shouldn’t wait months before getting value from your integrity solution. Our pre-built SaaS solution, CIM, speeds up utilization by integrating data cleanup and validation into the start-up process.

When you subscribe to CIM, you’ll always have the most up-to-date, secure integrity management platform without IT needing to install, maintain, or update the backend.

Contact us today to find out how your integrity program can capture the benefits of CIM.

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