Data Analysis

Cognitive Integrity Management™

Cognitive Integrity Management™ aids pipeline engineers with analysis on three levels. Our data science technology mines large datasets for correlations, machine learning guides the programing with intelligence, and cloud computing adds speed and performance.

In short, teams with CIM have the power to swiftly analyze more data in more ways to ensure complete integrity analysis.

Data Driven Growth Analysis

Pipeline operators benefit by drawing on 100% of their ILI data to compare results year-over-year and across vendor and tool types. To make this happen, CIM draws on data science to extract insights from your records.

  • Discrete corrosion and crack growth rates for each anomaly
  • Identify areas of interest through pattern recognition
  • Prioritized threat analysis of your pipeline system

CIM’s ML constantly refines and improves its logic the more data it ingests.
Analytic results are honed over time without further effort or programming.

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The Business Value of Powerful Data Analysis

You cannot have a complete picture of your pipeline without integrating and analyzing all of your integrity data, historical and current. Cognitive Integrity Management™ uses cloud computing and machine learning to accelerate data analysis. It’s not an overstatement to say this approach provides unprecedented insight into asset integrity.

  • Speed up analysis while using more data than traditional methods
  • Increase dig certainty and cut down on validation digs
  • Manage asset risk utilizing robust what-if analyses
  • Increase reporting accuracy

OneBridge works with pipeline operators to develop data-driven integrity management solutions.

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