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International Women in Engineering Day #INWED22

Celebrating our female engineers at OneBridge this INWED. International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) is on June 23 this year, which celebrates the work women engineers all over the world continue to do to support our lives and everyday livelihoods. At OneBridge we pride ourselves in having a growing diverse team which includes some of the brightest female engineers. We spoke to three of our engineers who have played a significant role in helping OneBridge get to where we are today.

Welcoming New Team Members!

Over the past few weeks we’ve had three new team members join the OneBridge team! We wanted to give you the chance to get to know our newest additions better. We would like to highlight the team to introduce the humans behind our company. These fresh faces are here to bolster our team and support our continued growth. Our new Sr. Software Engineer Jiji Gracy has joined OneBridge as part of our development team.

Crack Management – Phase I – Basic Analysis

The OneBridge Team has been busy kicking off our Crack Management private preview program with Product Manager – Crack Management, Colin Scott (Pipeline Integrity Engineer). The first phase of Crack Management will allow Users to perform a basic “start to finish” analysis of their Crack ILI inspection results. Data is ingested into the CIM platform quickly and easily, as Users are currently doing for their Corrosion Management programs. Pre-analysis reports help Users understand the nature of their inspection results, even before any engineering calculations are performed.

How CIM Propels Data Utilization And Lowers Usage Costs

The total cost of ownership for integrity software goes far beyond its purchase price, encompassing all the financial obligations associated with the software. This includes usage costs, which are the expenses to get the software functional and support it over its life. When estimating the total cost of ownership, most usage costs are apparent. However, one aspect of usage is often overlooked—opportunity costs. Accounting for opportunity costs To establish the cost of opportunity, subtract the value of the choice made from the most worthwhile alternative.

OneBridge Solutions Expands to Include Internal Corrosion Management

Soon, pipeline operators will be able to fine-tune their mitigation strategies for internal corrosion using OneBridge’s newest SaaS solution, CMS. OneBridge Solutions, which specializes in analyzing big data for pipeline integrity management programs, will soon release its most recent software innovation, a Corrosion Management System (CMS) platform. CMS will answer the question: Is your current internal corrosion program effective? The new CMS module is designed to focus on integrating, analyzing, and tracking internal corrosion monitoring and chemical program data.