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Data Ingestion and Normalization – Machine Learning accelerates the process

If you have ever looked through 20 years of inline inspection tally sheets, you will understand why it takes a machine learning technique (e.g. random forest, Bayesian methods) to ingest and normalize them into a database effectively. It would be a monumental task if attempted manually by a human … not to mention the risk of endless errors. However, by training a machine learning data classifier on enough log data, this task becomes the perfect scenario where data science can drastically improve integrity management practices.

Transforming pipeline integrity management through data science

  It seems that every time an article or presentation is published highlighting some fancy new improvement to oil & gas pipeline integrity management related to inline inspection (ILI) and external data analysis, it comes attached with professional services to operationalize it. This is not so surprising, since historically the industry has been conditioned to compartmentalize everything on a project basis. It’s simply the way things have always been. Outside of data analysis this process probably makes sense.

OneBridge Solutions Puts Innovation in the Pipeline

Do you live within 200 yards of an oil or gas pipe? More than 60% of Americans do, but no one – not public agencies, not commercial customers, and not even the energy companies that own the pipes – could tell you exactly where defects in those pipes are. As that infrastructure ages far beyond its intended lifespan, the costs of maintaining and servicing pipelines pose a $68 billion headache for the industry and a ticking time bomb for the public.

OneBridge on the Money Answers Show with Jordon Goodman

Episode Description Dwayne Kushniruk,Tim Edward, and Brandon Taylor, from OneBridge Solutions, a subsidiary of OneSoft Solutions, talk with host Jordan Goodman about OneBridge Solutions game changing approach to helping predict and eliminate potential oil and gas pipeline problems. Through the power of big data and machine learning, OneSoft’s new SaaS approach to anticipating and preventing pipeline failures has the potential to be a game changer in the fuel industry. Kushniruk, Edwards and Taylor explain their company’s innovative high powered approach and the investment opportunities offered.

Upcoming Event: Banff Pipeline Conference

OneBridge will be showcasing our new Cognitive Integrity Management™ (CIM) solution at the Banff pipeline conference on April 3rd-6th. We will also be demonstrating our new HoloLens application, which enables anomalies to be viewed on the pipe in 3D, as augmented reality. This tool overlays digital data onto the real world – think Pokemon Go with a commercial use. Microsoft and OneBridge will be working together during the week to discuss the latest in cloud technology for the industry.