Cognitive Integrity Management™

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CIM is a SaaS platform that consolidates, analyzes, and aligns pipeline data so teams can make decisions about asset health with confidence

Why use Cognitive Integrity Management™?

Informed decisions are crucial to reducing operational risk—and, ultimately, IMP costs. Your pipeline is unique, and traditional software programming is static; the coding will only assess what the logic dictates. CIM’s algorithms improve over time. The platform learns from your data—evaluating all interactions, so you know exactly how to optimize your integrity efforts.

Cognitive Integrity Management™ is a platform that addresses your regulatory compliance and internal operational goals. Leverage a fully integrated enterprise level solution for a complete overview of your asset health in the highly secure Microsoft cloud.

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Learn how Cognitive Integrity Management™ uncovers the true state of your pipeline

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Learn how to read, filter and drill down into data to gain insights about the state of your pipeline system.

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Quickly pinpoint the information that you are looking for across your entire pipeline system.

Summary of Business Value

Cognitive Integrity Management™ is a SaaS (software as a service) that capitalizes on machine learning and data science tech to shorten analysis times and streamline the integrity management process. 

As a cloud-based solution, CIM’s industry updates, security patches, and technical maintenance are pushed out through the platform.

See the complete business value overview to learn how CIM provides value across your organization.

Business Value Overview

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