How Automated Data Normalization & Alignment Helps Operators Make Better Decisions

Inline Inspection (ILI) reports are the basis for much integrity work, providing a snapshot of the pipeline at one point in time. While some tasks can be accomplished with just one ILI, much more information can be gained by a detailed alignment of current and past ILIs. Today’s most advanced alignment software will align a full history of ILIs file to each other automatically, compensating for any repair sections, routing changes, or changes in flow direction. Additionally, complete pit-to-pit matching of every single anomaly call provides a detailed history of each defect on a pipe. With this complete alignment and matching, whole layers of information and error correction are possible instantaneously that would have been impossible in the past. Growth or apparent nucleation trends can be examined in granular detail across multiple ILIs instead of just the coarse difference between two ILIs in an area. Complete, automated alignment across multiple ILIs extracts much more information out of users’ existing ILIs than has previously been possible.