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Stay ahead of the curve by leveraging analytics to forecast and optimize operations with greater accuracy across your entire pipeline system. Remove uncertainty and flatten your budget. Apply resources to enhance your existing programs, ensuring that your most valuable assets are running smoothly and problem-free.

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De-risking IMP

Maximize revenue and de-risk your integrity management process.

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Shared Learning

Incorporate peer collaboration and financial comparison without compromising your data.

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Immediate cost savings

Reduce explicit costs on day one and start to measure implicit cost savings through process standardization and elimination of errors.

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Dig Smarter

Establish and start monitoring your dig-to-repair ratio, with smart digs leading to fewer digs.

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True State of IMP

Close-out the process—how many, what types, what work is left.

Business Value:

Through our algorithms coupled with cloud-computing you can apply predictive analytics to ILI, NDE, and pipe property data. The result? More confidence, less risk, and improved asset integrity. By enabling your engineers to ensure that revenue centers are optimizing throughput, Cognitive Integrity Management™ can help mitigate the financial impact of lost business.

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Join your peers.

Understand how you can improve your bottom line and become more strategic in spending money through the adoption of Cognitive Integrity Management™ for your IMP. Our customers have seen an average reduction of administrative costs between 10-15%.

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