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Transform pipeline integrity management through a proven SaaS solution and start boosting your bottom line.

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Cognitive Integrity Management™ is a platform that addresses your regulatory compliance and internal operational goals. Leverage a fully integrated enterprise level solution for a complete overview of your asset health in the highly secure Microsoft cloud.

Why use Cognitive Integrity Management™?

Cognitive Integrity Management™ lets you focus on what’s important: making pipeline failures a thing of the past. You’ll increase financial performance by having your assets operating at optimal performance levels. Standardize and simplify internal processes to reduce operational costs and de-risk your current IMP. Streamline, predict, and analyze – leaving time-consuming, manual processes behind.

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Digitally Transform Your IMP

Enable your team to review all the anomaly and feature data on your entire pipeline system with a cutting-edge SaaS solution.

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Confident Excavations

Elevate your confidence regarding integrity excavations. Reduce the overall number of digs while making sure you dig in the right spot every time.

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Interacting Threats

Gather insights from interacting threats and pattern detection, rather than relying on single data points.

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Comprehensive Visibility

Gain visibility into the entire pipeline—bubble up and drill down into the finest level of detail.

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Business Intelligence

Keep everyone in the know by presenting invaluable findings through real-time regulatory and business reporting and user-friendly dashboards.

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Home Dashboard

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Learn how to read, filter and drill down into data to gain insights about the state of your pipeline system.

Natural Q&A

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Quickly pinpoint the information that you are looking for across your entire pipeline system.

Start your Digital Transformation now:

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Business Value:

We appreciate the growing industry pressure to move toward zero pipeline failures and it is more important than ever before to have visibility into the state of the pipeline at all levels and departments within an organization. Cognitive Integrity Management™ provides important data points on a single clear platform available to you when you need it. By leveraging a centralized platform your team can rest assured that they are basing key business decisions on metrics being used company-wide.

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