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Hundreds of integrity engineers currently rely on Cognitive Integrity Management™ for unprecedented accuracy in reporting, helping them make business decisions with greater confidence.

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How we support insight reporting

Cognitive Integrity Management™ lets you focus on what’s important: making pipeline failures a thing of the past. You’ll increase financial performance by having your assets operating at optimal performance levels. Standardize and simplify internal processes to reduce operational costs and de-risk your current IMP. Streamline, predict, and analyze – leaving time-consuming, manual processes behind.

Enterprise level reporting and analysis across the entire integrity management business process—like the SAP™ of integrity management, but without the cost or disruption. Available from a single solution in real-time, user defined within Microsoft Power BI. Bring a new layer of transparency into your operations and help share this learning across your organization with the click of a few buttons.

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Learn how to read, filter and drill down into data to gain insights about the state of your pipeline system.

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Quickly pinpoint the information that you are looking for across your entire pipeline system.

Business Value

Integrated reporting offers a clarity into the performance of your assets. Leverage the unprecedented accuracy that machine learning and data science brings to integrity management. Make business decisions with more confidence—for once, a comprehensive repository of your data that provides clarity into the true state of your pipeline.

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Elevate your insight reporting with responsive and interactive dashboards available in real-time. Set a new standard enterprise-wide for reporting and analytics through Cognitive Integrity Management™’s business intelligence dashboards.

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