Regulatory Compliance

Audit-ready all the time. We are helping pipeline operators eliminate months of effort from their compliance work and streamline the entire process along the way.

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Gain clarity on the state of your pipeline and be audit-ready all the time. Machine learning and data science help alleviate the stress and uncertainty about the condition of your pipeline and provide you with automated compliance reporting at the push of a few buttons.

How we support regulatory compliance requirements:

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Regulator Reviewed

Regulators agree that by providing normalized data that’s more accurate, we dramatically reduce audit preparation time and sets the foundation for compliance with CFR 192/195 and similar.

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Auditing Supercharged

Real-time reporting helps you stay ahead of internal and regulatory obligations. PHMSA Yearly Report, PHMSA Part F&G, and PHMSA Audit Scoping can be customized to your internal regulatory requirements.

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Industry Best Practices

In just minutes, you’ll be able to identify time-dependent, mandatory conditions, including CFR 192 and 195; Immediate, 60-day, 180-day and company-specific Section H.

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Predictive Maintenance

By performing unlimited what-if analyses based on 142-plus industry conditions from a growing, shared customer library, you’ll capture best practices and set the foundation for predictive maintenance.

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Correct Digs

Reduce your overall and regulatory digs while increasing non-regulatory ones. That’s the power of data.

Business Value:

Staying compliant means that your core business can run smoothly, minimizing interruption from reoccurring audits or regulatory boards. Further, there is a growing shift toward social license and credibility within the marketplace around practices and procedures that protect the environment.

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Learn more about the regulatory compliance available through Cognitive Integrity Management™. We are helping pipeline operators eliminate months of effort from their compliance work and streamlining the entire process along the way.

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